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Student Services

Below are a list educational apps and websites designed to enhance student learning:

Supports for Elementary Students Learning at Home

  • EPSB Together Literacy and Numeracy APP
    • EPSB Together is a FREE literacy and numeracy app for families with K-12 students. It has activities for parents and guardians to support learning in regular, French Immersion and bilingual programs. 
    • There are three ways to access this app:
  • Anytime Help, Anywhere (AHA)
    • The first sets of the Anytime Help Anywhere (AHA) videos are now available for some core subject areas - math, English language arts, social studies, and science! 

      AHA is a family and student resource and is  available for parents and guardians to access through SchoolZone.

      These videos focus on concepts that are key to success in junior high, although the material may also help students from Grades 4–12.


Literacy Games:

Ebook Websites:

Ebooks are electronic books.  Some of them have the pictures and words and some will read the book to the student.  Many of them can be found on the internet.  The following websites have ebooks.  They have not all been read and evaluated.

 Keyboarding Resources:

Helpful ITouch/IPads apps: